jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010


Consumerism is our system. This is a social and economic order based in finding that all persons around the world buy and adopt a style of life. When I refer to adopt a style of life is a way that TV shows, movies, advertising, and stuff shows the concept of “perfect life” and “beauty”.

 around the world this system is a way to get a lot of money, in my opinion this kind of system has a purpose. is convert behaviors, objects and ideologies in something universal. I mean, the littles and different cultures couldn´t have an own behaviors, becouse the system seeks to penetrate all cultures around the world.

The argument that mass media proposing is to sell our necessities and satisfy our desires. For apart from this arises one littler question.  ¿actually, we have this kind of necessities? For example. ¿we need to make a surgery in our body because all women in the TV have a perfect body? The fact that our society has this kind of paradigms and stereotypes. From my point of view this is not a good way to build a perfect life. If we realize the way that the indigenes take their lifestyle, is totally different if we compare. The bases about perfect life in this kind of groups are the “spiritual life” and the contact with nature.

The belief that I have is not to avoid and destroy capitalism and consumerism because is a utopian and romantic thinking. But I think that the best way is implant good education. From academia we can build critical ideologies, and why not? We can begin with little things. For example you can transmit this ideology all persons that you know, we can teach a good way to adopt advertising. It’s important that the others person that doesn’t have information about this …. They need to go beyond. Its a good goal and a perfect challenge for our life.
¡ we can change a lot of minds!

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